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Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp

Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp
Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp
Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp
Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp

Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp
THE REAL DEAL: NOT CULTURED LIKE SEQUOYA OR SOUTH SEA! The necklace comes with a Gemological Institute of America laboratory certificate of authenticity. The GIA test report describes the pearls as all natural, graduated from 3.00mm to 7.50mm with no X-ray Fluorescence. Professionals and investors in fine jewelry know, genuine all natural saltwater pearls are the most desirable pearls in the world. Unlike cultured pearls, which are created by placing man-made round objects inside the pearl shell, genuine natural saltwater pearls are a miracle of nature; It all begins, when something like a grain of sand becomes lodged inside the animal's shell. It irritates the animal causing it to create something called nacre.

The nacre begins to build up and the fledgling pearl becomes bigger and bigger. One might say the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl, is not unlike the difference between a horse chestnut, and a chestnut horse. This holds true both for the quality, value and of course, price. Just ask a woman if she would rather have a ring with a cubic zirconia, or one with a diamond?

For those who understand the rarity, importance, and value of genuine natural saltwater pearls, it is common knowledge that, WELL SHAPED, ROUND PEARLS ARE THE MOST DESIREABLE PEARLS OF ALL! The finest pearl necklaces are judged by the roundness, color, luster and gradation of the pearls. All these factors contribute to the value and desirability of the strand. Matching pearls is not easy, but it is imperative; two matching pearls are more valuable than two unmatched individuals. The task becomes even more difficult when creating a graduated pearl necklace with all the above factors in mind.

The strand of pearls you see here is comprised of pearls that meet the above criteria point for point; The roundness is excellent, the color continuity is exceptional, the luster is beautiful, and the gradation is extraordinarily executed. One of the rare features of this necklace, which is only found on the best of the best is; instead of a knots separating each pearl, there are tiny matching pearls.

Finding, and matching, pearls of different sizes is very difficult, but drilling them is yet another challenge. Years ago, before computers and lasers, skilled technicians were required to drill holes in each pearl as small as possible, usually to accommodate a thin silk thread that held them together.

The holes needed to be placed perfectly, so that once the pearls were strung, the necklace could be evenly rolled on a flat surface; by doing so, it would assure the necklace would lay flat when it adorns that fortunate person who gets to wear it. The last, but definitely not the least, important factor in judging pearls, is the luster. The luster is created not only by layer upon layer of nacre inside the animal, but by the influence of the reflective qualities of the pearls surface. So, for those who are like me, (not expert jewelers, or specialists in genuine saltwater pearls), what I have been told is, this magnificent strand of pearls checks all the boxes to make not only a great necklace, but a fine investment as well!

Additionally, a really interesting point that I have learned is, ordinary necklaces usually have a plain gold, or platinum clasp; better grades might be fitted with a single brilliant. However, only the best of the best, might have brilliants on each side. This clasp not only has brilliants on both sides, it has four matching diamonds flanking each center stone.

Additionally, I remember, of all the wonderful pieces she had, this necklace was one of her favorites. I do not know exactly when this masterpiece was realized, but I have been told it was sometime between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1920s. (Apparently it is not so easy to date). My mother acquired the necklace in the late I940s or early 50s. It is approximately 15 inches in length, which is over an inch shorter than mine, and it has less pearls. I have also been made aware of a newspaper clipping from a periodical called the "Maine Antiques Digest". In it, I have been told, there is an article about a pearl necklace that is almost identical, both in pearl size and configuration, to my mother's necklace. If I can find a copy of the artical, I will, if allowed, gladly post it with my photos. However, it would need to be in a secure, New York or Long Island area.

It is said, that genuine saltwater pearls are considered, by many people worldwide, to be more desirable than diamonds. To be as fair as possible, I suggest the buyers interested in purchasing this necklace, exercise due diligence, by first examining the photos carefully; If he or she is not an expert in understanding the item or the terminology in this listing, I would suggest retaining someone qualified to help. Accordingly, I have chosen to have my photos alone, represent my complete description.

To be perfectly clear and simply stated; notwithstanding any other information provided herein, my photos and nothing else, constitute my full, final, and complete description. I cannot account for what I have learned, as it is unverified information received from third parties. I can only explain what I know personally. Therefore, my photos shall constitute, or in other words stand for my complete and only description.

What I offer for sale are all personal things. What i have learned over the years is that clear terms and conditions are necessary to protect all of us sellers and buyers, from rogue buyers and sellers with devious intentions. Hence, I have developed my own terms and conditions of sale; partially taken from other listings that I have read. Please read "My Terms and Conditions of Sale" carefully, as they will be binding.

They supersede, and take precedence, over any other terms and conditions related to this sale or any other of my listings. "My Terms and Conditions of Sale" have been purposely written in plain, easy to read, simple language. However, if you do not understand them, I suggest all perspective buyers, consult with someone with experience who can help you. To achieve that reputation, one should be fair, honest, and reasonable.

Additionally, they should fulfill his or her commitments. I like to give and receive excellent feedback. I always try to do my best and I sincerely appreciate good eBayers.


All items I offer are described to the best of my ability. The photos listed herewith represent my complete and final description. Anything else addressing the description is opinion based on observation or information acquired, but not necessarily verified. Please note, as specified and explained in more detail in this listing, my photos are the full and complete extent of my description, nothing else.

Any other information, regarding condition or description, has been added simply to reflect opinions, or acquired information, which is not necessarily verified, that was obtained from third parties. Please note that all dimensions stated are approximate and visual distortions may exist due to optical perspectives, my camera limits, and the extent of my photographic expertise. Also, the colors may not be exact due to the existing lighting conditions where and when the photos were taken, and, because computer monitor settings vary from one computer to another. All my sales are FINAL. Upon a timely request, I can provide additional photos.
Antique Natural Saltwater Pearl Gia Necklace With Superb 10 Diamond Clasp